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Johnson Veterinary Science Corp. (JVS) was established in November 1998, after years of new product development, technology introduction, production and cooperation and organizational reengineering, the development of a wide range of animal drug and equipment supply company. Over the years, we keep "integrity, professional, service, quality" business philosophy, is committed to the professional and innovative spirit into the interactive world of animals and animals, animal products, animal nutrition, animal nutrition, animal Equipment and other levels.

After successfully supporting the government units, enterprises, veterinarians and owners to provide animal drugs and equipment, JVS further the introduction of the United States, France, Japan and other widely welcomed by consumers of animal world famous brands, and actively with the major teams at home and abroad Cooperate with academic units to strengthen the quality and quantity of domestic animal-related products and continue to contribute to the animal market with the leader's role.

In 2014, JVS after years of new product development, technology introduction and production and cooperation, the establishment of J.VET veterinary professional brand, the development of a number of unique, with good results of drugs and health products. JVS's R & D and investment are still in progress, expect the future J.VET series can provide more support for pet health care.

core value
 business philosophy: integrity, professional, service, quality
 set up the purpose: to provide quality animal medical supplies
 The initial goal: to help the government solve the problem of stray dogs
 medium-term goals: to enhance the level of animal health, for the human and animal health checks
 long-term goal: to create animal welfare and sound harmony of the social environment

Services: Veterinary Medicine,Pet Nutrition,Pet microchip

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